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Tina gave a TEDx talk in March 2017 at a middle school in Palm Beach County. She shares her story of growing up with a facial birth defect and how finding your passion can get you through the tough times in life.


For her those tough times were Bullying and feeling "different" and being told she was not normal looking. Her talk was titled, "A Girl's Passion".

Tina Speaking About Her Passion

Tina is a Speaker Against Cyber Harassment

Tina will give a TEDx talk later this year on the deleterious effects of cyber harassment. She hopes to raise awareness of the prevalence of online abuse.


“The Myths of Solving Cyber-Harassment”,is a talk Tina has already presented to several different groups locally. She is available to present this talk to your group.


Tina also speaks about sharing your story and owning who you are. "People need to share their difficult stories, even if not publicly but to trusted friends. Not only is it liberating but on a broader scope, the more we share our stories the more we see we all have similar struggles as human beings. This is what will change our culture of judgment."

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