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Articles and Interviews

An article Tina wrote on learning to love all the parts of yourself, even the imperfect pieces:

'Embracing all parts of yourself, even your imperfections, is when you will find your real beauty.

Sometimes the briefest moments in life completely change how we see ourselves, especially when we are young and impressionable.

For me, that moment came in fifth grade. The new girl in our class, who was beautiful, had tanned skin and had already developed breasts was the girl all the boys ogled over. For some reason, she began to give me quite a lot of attention — but not the kind of attention I, or anyone else, would want..."

Tina is interviewed by the Miami Herald about learning aerial acrobatics:

New York Public Radio interview with Cynthia Lowen, Director of NETIZENS film. The interviewer asks Cynthia to tell about my story. Also they play a nice clip of me speaking (from the film). Oct 3, 2019

FOX Good Day New York morning show. Interview with Cynthia Lowen speaking about the film. She talks about my story. Oct, 2019

FOX Watters World program. Interview with Cynthia Lowen speaking about the film. Oct 2019

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Microsoft Blog following our screening and talk back at Microsoft

Reviews of the Netizens Film

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